Offering a unique and flexible prepayment plan
for elective medical procedures.


NuVida Payment Plan is a healthcare prepayment option that connects patients with medical providers that offer our easy, consumer-friendly prepayment solution.

The NuVida Payment Plan empowers patients with the ability to prepay for elective procedures over time without using credit or going into debt. Patients can use NuVida to fund procedures such as cosmetic, bariatric, medical spa, vision, laser, dental, fertility, hair restoration and more!

With NuVida, payments toward your procedure are automatically deducted on a recurring, flexible basis that can be managed online.


Using The Nuvida Payment Plan is Painless!

The NuVida Payment Plan lets you make regular automatic installment payments toward the purchase price of your medical procedure. Payments can be made on a set schedule or adjusted accordingly to fit your budget. Our helpful Patient Account Manager allows you to oversee and manage your plan online so that you are in full control of your payments. Once all payments have been made you can receive treatment without having to worry about debt or mounting interest.

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The cost of healthcare services is one of the biggest obstacles your patients will encounter. Most insurance companies do not cover elective procedures. As a result, many people cannot afford to undergo treatment. Start offering NuVida Payment Plan today to provide your patients
with an easier and more responsible way
to pay for procedures they desire.

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The NuVida Payment Plan offers patients a practical, affordable way to get the care they deserve. Our flexible payment plan will help you afford your elective procedure without mounting interest or hidden charges. Once the payments are completed, you can receive treatment without having to worry about
the pitfalls of debt!

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